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The aerosol_cci project aims at producing a set of global aerosol ECV products for one reference year from a set of European satellite instruments with substantially different characteristics:
-          3 consistent multi-spectral aerosol optical depth and aerosol type probability products with 10 km horizontal resolution for AATSR,  MERIS and POLDER
-          2 products with 50 km horizontal resolution: a synergetic (multi-sensor level 2) multi-spectral aerosol optical depth and aerosol type probability (SCIAMACHY + AATSR) and a consistent UV absorbing aerosol index from UV spectrometers together with averaging kernels for assimilation in models
-          a stratospheric extinction profile gridded product at 2.5° x 10° for GOMOS
-          one or more merged (level 3) multi-spectral aerosol optical depth and aerosol type product(s) optimally tuned to user requirements
-          a global “climatology” (for the reference year) of aerosol type probability
Each product will include a pixel-wise error characterization. Priorities and details of this aerosol ECV product portfolio are  specified based on a refinement of user requirements and intensive dialogue with the model user community.
In the last phase, new innovative algorithms (e.g. POLDER over land, IASI) and new combinations (e.g. a combined product to better estimate aerosol type using UV absorbing index, thermal brightness temperature difference and visible AOD) will be developed and tested.
The project concept is summraized in the overview.

Information on the consortium is provided in the section on participants