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Fourth quarterly report published

Close to the end of the first project year the fourth quarterly report has been published.

It is avaialble here:


Third progress meeting held at ICARE / Lille

Third progress meeting held at ICARE / Lille

The third progress meeting was successfully held at ICARE in Lille.

The consortium discussed the most critical algorithm modules and plans for harmonizing or improving them between the pre-cursor algorithms. First global test datasets for September 2008 have been processed with all precursor algorithms. Their valdidation with AEROCOM, ICARE and MPI tools has started and will be the baseline for assessing the impact of all subsequent changes. Read more »

Quarterly progress report January-March 2011

The third Aerosol CCI quarterly report (15/01 - 15/03/2011) summarizes achievements made during this period.

It is publically available on this link. 

Open algorithm round robin excercise will take place in coming months

The aerosol_cci open round robin exercise will help to determine the best suited algorithms and modules for aerosol retrieval with ATSR, MERIS, POLDER, SCIAMACHY, OMI instruments.

The exercise is open to external participants.  Any interested party is invited to contact Thomas-DOT-Holzer-popp-AT-dlr-DOT-de for more information. Read more »

Upgraded version of user requirements document issued

An upgraded version of the user requirements document is issued. This version will be iterated further within the team and with external partners.

You can download it at Aerosol_cci_URD_v1 4.pdf If you want to comment or add to it, please send an e-mail to michael-DOT-schulz-AT-met-DOT-no.

Second quarterly report published

The second quarterly report (15/9 - 15/12/2010) summarizes achievements made during this period.

It is available publically


Second and third algorithm technical workshop

Two algorithm technical workshops will be held together at DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen. These are focused on (1) treatment of surface (reflectance and BRDF) and (2) cloud masking. Read more »

First aerosol_cci newsletter issued

The aerosol_cci project has issued its first newsletter.

It contains a summary of the project concept, an introduction of the project team, and a description of the process to collect user requirements.

Users are invited to contribute to the user requirements by filling a template.

The newsletter is available here CCI_Newsletter_No1_aerosol.pdf

aerosol_cci invites user requirements

Any user who wishes to contribute with his requirements to the definition of the aerosol_cci user requirements is invited to complete the template available here and kindly send it to michael-DOT-schulz-AT-met-DOT-no. Read more »

First progress meeting


The agenda foresees discussion of the draft user requirements, assessment of due deliverables for month 3, discussion of plans for validation protocol and case studies.

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