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System Specification Document (SSD0) accepted

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The first iteration of the system specification document derived from the system requirements document was accepted.
Within this document a first system specification of the operational Aerosol_CCI system is presented. It includes scenario descriptions, interface descriptions and hardware considerations. A trade-off analysis and first cost estimation comparing a centralised and decentralised approach are made.
This document describes an over-all system for the creation and repeated reprocessing of new satellite data based aerosol Essential Climate Variables (time series), which are accepted by the scientific community and used for IPCC assessments. It is based on the previously generated System Requirements Document which is deduced from the user requirements, product specifications and data access requirements. The scope of the underlying requirements extends over the next 15 years.
The system concerned here comprises of a technical implementation to allow and support large-scale (re-)processing and analysis of the aerosol ECVs and a management mechanism to ensure the availability of scientific expertise for continuous algorithm improvement and product validation. In order to ensure the highest possible quality and acceptance in the community the overall principle for the whole system is the leadership by scientific expertise.