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Aerosol_cci initiates International Satellite Aerosol Science Network

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AEROSAT - the International Satellite Aerosol Science Network will be constituted attached to the AEROCOM workshop.
We want to liaise with other international climate aerosol related initiatives and propose to establish an International Satellite Aerosol Science Network AEROSAT, where scientific climate aerosol experts (satellite retrieval development and their use) exchange and agree on priorities and coordinate international collaboration. Such a network should bring together a critical mass of scientific expertise and represent all major activities worldwide to have impact on decisions of the space agencies and funding organisations. As one particular aspect the ESA Aerosol_cci project will seek advice on its algorithm development priorities for European sensors.
AEROSAT shall be an independent science network focused on aerosol satellite retrievals – we aim at a close collaboration with AEROCOM, AEROCAST and AERONET.

The constituting (closed) meeting will be conducted on 27 Septemebr 2013 in Hamburg at MPI-M.