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Aerosol_cci2 Final Meeting

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The Final Meeting of the Phase 2 of Aerosol_cci is scheduled for 14 and 15 December 2017 at ESA-ECSAT in Harwell / UK. The agenda covers the last set of tasks and deliverables, summary conclusions and discussions and an outlook to future perspectives.

Day 1: 14 December 2017, 10:00 – 18:00 BST

Welcome, overview
10:00 Welcome Simon, Gerrit, Thomas
10:15 Overview of phase 2 project (20’) Thomas


User involvement
11:00 New user case studies / options (10’ each) Sara, Jennifer, Michael, Stefan
Climate assessment report (10’) Stefan
Short report from AEROSAT (10’) Thomas / Jan


12:30 lunch break

Algorithm development (1)
14:00 Status and outlook for each algorithm (5’ each) ATSR/SLSTR: Larisa, Gareth, Peter IASI: Sophie, Lieven, Virginie, Thomas
GOMOS: Christine
AAI: Gijsbert
SYNAER: Thomas
Update on uncertainty validation (10’) Kerstin

15:30 Coffee break

Side meeting(s)
(moving to other room)
16:00 free discussion
(determined during earlier part of the meeting or before)
Trend analysis (different views of Stefan and Michael)
SLSTR update (Dave)

18:00 end of day 1

19:00 non-hosted dinner
Day 2: 15 December 2017, 09:00 – 16:00 BST

Algorithm development (2)
09:00 Algorithm options (10’ each)
SEVIRI, absorption round robin, Yves, Martin,
layer height round robin, Bayesian retrieval, Sophie, Simon,


10:30 Coffee break

Conclusions and outlook (1)
11:00 Status / outlook C3S aerosol ECV project (10’) Thomas
Bridging option, preliminary thoughts for CCI+ (10’) Thomas


12:00 lunch break

Conclusions and outlook (2)
13:30 Summary conclusion from users (10’) Stefan (input all users)
Summary conclusion from providers (10’) Gerrit (input all providers)

Discussion (achievements, lessons learned)

15:00 wrap-up
Concept of Final Report (5’) Thomas
Action items Miriam
Concluding remarks Simon, Gerrit, Thomas

16:00 end of the Aerosol_cci final meeting