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Climate Change Initiative

obs4MIPs / CMIP6 planning meeting

CCI colocation 2014

CCI Climate Model user Inttegration meeting 2014

Aerosol_cci2 First Progress Meeting

The first progress meeting will comprise of:
- project progress meeting (day 1 9-15)
- cloud masking for aerosol retrieval workshop (day 1 15-18)
- aerosol retrieval uncertainties workshop (day 2, 9-16)

Aerosol_cci Phase 2 Kickoff Meeting

11th progress meeting: First evaluation of AATSR time series shows good quality

First analysis of AATSR time series

11th Aerosol_cci progress meeting (29+30 October 2013)

Within preparation of the Cliamte Assessment Report users in the Climate Research Group of Aerosol_cci evaluated the first avaialble AATSR AOD time series against AERONET and compared it to MODIS. The analysis proves the good quality of this multi-annual dataset.

The images attached show the global AATSR time series and the scoring difference for the Swansea AATSR product between the start and the end of the project

improvement of regional scores for AATSR

improvement of regional scores for AATSR

First analysis of AATSR time series

First analysis of AATSR time series

CCI Colocation 2014

Next CCI colocation meeting of all projects in the Climate Change Initiative will be held in Frascati 4-6 February 2014.
Main purpose will be to discuss achievements and lessons learned from Phase 1 (2010-2013) and plans for closer collaboration between the proejcts in Phase 2 (2014-2016), to achieve progress on consistency of ECV products and their wider use (e.g. in IPCC AR6)

Aerosol CCI at the Living Planet Symposium: Newsletter special edition

Third newsletter issued

Special issue of the newsletter from Aerosol CCI project was issued in time for the ESA/UKSA Earth observation conference, the Living Planet Symposium. The newsletter was available as handout for delegates at the Climate Change Initiative stand during the conference and can now be downloaded, either by clicking on the link below or visiting the Aerosol CCI public documents page.

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