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Climate Change Initiative

Aerosol CCI at the Living Planet Symposium: Newsletter special edition

Third newsletter issued

Special issue of the newsletter from Aerosol CCI project was issued in time for the ESA/UKSA Earth observation conference, the Living Planet Symposium. The newsletter was available as handout for delegates at the Climate Change Initiative stand during the conference and can now be downloaded, either by clicking on the link below or visiting the Aerosol CCI public documents page.

CCI program midterm review

The progress and achievements of the climate change initiative will be assessed by national delegations at ESA-ESRIN in Frascati. CCI project scince leaders and users will present their status and evolution after 2 years.

CMUG meeting

CCI project teams will discuss interaction and the next stage of the CCI program.

Preparations for the CCI program midterm review will commence by identifying major achievements of each project.

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