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17 year ATSR-2/AATSR time series evaluated

The 17 year Climate Data Record (CDR) covering 1995-2012 produced from the ATSR-2 and AATSR instruments with the Swansea algorithm was evaluated in detail:




Aerosol CCI at the Living Planet Symposium: Newsletter special edition

Third newsletter issued

Special issue of the newsletter from Aerosol CCI project was issued in time for the ESA/UKSA Earth observation conference, the Living Planet Symposium. The newsletter was available as handout for delegates at the Climate Change Initiative stand during the conference and can now be downloaded, either by clicking on the link below or visiting the Aerosol CCI public documents page.

ACCI Organigramm

ACCI Organigramm

The project organigram was published to highlight the interplay of the Climate Research User Group with the EO Science Team, the Valdiation Team and the System Engineerng Team. Read more »

ACCI Organigramm

ACCI Organigramm

Progress meeting in Bremen, 10-11 May 2012

The minutes of the PM7 can be found under: resources / documents / private / Progress meeting 7 /

System Specification Document (SSD0) accepted

The first iteration of the system specification document derived from the system requirements document was accepted.
Within this document a first system specification of the operational Aerosol_CCI system is presented. It includes scenario descriptions, interface descriptions and hardware considerations. A trade-off analysis and first cost estimation comparing a centralised and decentralised approach are made.

7th Aerosol CCI Progress meeting

The next progress meeting will be on 10+11 May 2012, hosted by University of Bremen.


The draft agenda for the meeting is as follows:  Read more »

Product Validation and Selection Report (PVASR) accepted

One of the crucial documents, which summarizes the validation of round robin datasets produced with the precursor algorithms participating in the Aerosol_cci project, was accepted.

The deliverable with corresponding attachments can be found under / documents / public / Accepted deliverable versions. Read more »

The sixth progress meeting of Aerosol_cci was hosted by Finish Meteorological Institute (FMI) at Helsinki on 02-03 February 2012

The participants concluded that the meeting achieved a good conclusion of the algorithm validation and selection process and worked out a clear planning for next steps.

Quarterly progress report January-March 2011

The third Aerosol CCI quarterly report (15/01 - 15/03/2011) summarizes achievements made during this period.

It is publically available on this link. 

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