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The same set of tools is applied to all product versions (test versions, round robin products, ECV prototype products) in the project.

The following links show initial valdiation and inter-comparison results of aerosol_cci test datasets.


The graphics shown under the following links show both final and test datasets during the algorithm improvement process. The graphs may under no means be shown or disseminated or regarded as consolidated output of the project and its algorithms!

Existing tools which will be adapted and used for the aerosol_cci valdiation are:

  • AEROCOM analysis tools to compare to model datasets:

        AeroCom web Interface to cci products

(Select Subset/Publication to find consistent ensembles of retrieval products, names as cci products or relating to a specific publication.)

  • ICARE tools to compare to other satellite datasets and MACC forecasts
    (registration required)

  •  MPI scoring of level2 and level3 datasets versus AERONET